Re: Eclipse/CVS/Ant


The problem I'm having is that at the end of the "CVS Checkout" Wizard,
you have the choice of checking out the CVS module using the "New
Project Wizard" or just checking it out as a project in your workspace.
If you do the latter, the top-level build.xml will not be used to
control the build. So forget that option.

If you use the New Project Wizard, you are given 2 more choices of
creating a "Java Project from Existing Ant buildfile" or "new Java
Project". I would like to use the first option BUT the files haven't
been checked out of CVS yet so I can't. If I go with the "new Java
Project", then Eclipse goes through ALL of the directories in the CVS
module and constructs its own build file, ignoring my build.xml.

So, my question is still, how do you use Eclipse to checkout a CVS
module and have it actually use the build.xml within it to do the

- Ian