Re: How to clean (totally or not) Eclispe IDE .log file

astrawally2002@xxxxxxxx wrote:

Does anyone knows how to clean up the .log file into Eclispe IDE
(Version: 3.0.0) localized in ..\eclipse\workspace\.metadata folder.

I used to have many problems during an old project installation and I
would like know to delete all the logs from this file.

It sized more than 1 Go (oups ! ) and contains many exceptions (I think
one or two exceptions repeated thousands and thousands times).

Notepad.exe or texpad.exe cannot open this file to delete log lines
(one by one or by blocks)...the file is too large.

Is there any tool for deleting these logs using parameters (deleting
logs from one date to another)...

Any help would be appreciated.



echo "This log contains only this line" > eclipse.log