Re: Eclipse: Delete Folder winthin CVS?

mr_nice_1973@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
That being said, does anyone know how to delete a directory within the
"CVS Repositories" View? Is it even possible with Eclipse. I've
searched around for the answer and this is my last attempt to finding
the answer.

What you can do is to have Eclipse delete any empty directories it retrieves from the CVS repository. It does this by using the -P option for the CVS checkout/update commands. You can set this within Eclipse's properties for Team->CVS under the "Files and Folders" tab, there should be an option for Prune empty directories.

Most teams I've been on come up with some sort of policy for dealing with this. This is what I've most often done in the past:

For the most part, we rely on the -P option (or Eclipse setting) to prune empty directories, and this is fine for most things. Typically, we don't purpose create directories under CVS that are not intended to have anything committed to them. These, we create through our build system. We typically like to be able to pull back at least the last three releases from our repository. If you have deleted directories from your repository that contained files that were part of one of these releases, then there's going to problems...

We track the directories that have nothing in them, and periodically review directories from older builds that we no longer require *instant* access to. Before making any changes, we will create an tarball of the existing repository, and archive it off somewhere. Then, we physically remove/move any older directories we want from the repository, and then delete any tags/branches that include one of those directories from the repository. Access to the older repositor(y/ies) can easily be done by opening the tarball in another location.

Then developers can either perform surgery within their local sandboxes to remove the directories that no longer exist within CVS, or they can delete and checkout the project again.

None of this is particularly difficult to do or manage -- its just a bit of a nuisance, and once your baseline has stabilized, it doesn't occur all that often. You might consider subversion as an alternative...

One last thing... in the early stages of project development when many of the biggest changes to project structure are most likely, and no releases have been tagged, it's not uncommon in my experience to delete directories/files from the repository often. Usually this ends up not being a problem -- occasionally, I'll delete something that I wish I didn't. When you *do* decide on deleting a file/directory from the repository, it's critical that it be communicated to others on the team, so they are aware of it, and can plan for it accordingly.

Hope this helps,