Re: Eclipse editor problem

On Thu, 21 Jun 2007 09:10:54 -0000, alexdobrev@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hello everyone,

I've been using eclipse some time ago, but recently I've only dealt
with IBM WSAD, so now that I have to work with eclipse again, I'm
getting the following problem:

I'm writing some code, then save it and run it. Then I want to change
something, when I change and save there are no compilation errors,
when I try to run it, it fails and the Eclipse states there's a
compilation error in the end of the file (the last "}"), which is
correct actually, when I close the java class and open it again, there
are parts of what I deleted after the last "}" and there's no way I
can remove those unless I delete the whole file, which is kind of

I've never messed with anything like that, so any suggestions,
conclusions are welcome.



I thought eclipse was the foundation of WSAD. Sounds like
incremental compile is off, Preferences->General->Workspace. Not sure
about the last problem, might try the eclipse newsgroup or search
their archives.