Base64 Encode/Decode compatible with openssl EVP_Decode/Encode

From: Ramy076 (
Date: 04/01/04

Date: 1 Apr 2004 03:47:09 -0800

I have a C App which uses openssl for Encoding and decoding which
needs to be ported to java.

The decoded text does not match between the C App and the java App.
The size of the output itself is wrong. I think i am doing something
basically wrong. pls help.

Output is not the same as seen here because of special characters
Output from C: is only 12 bytes long


Output from Java: 128 bytes including a new line char.


Following is the code in both C and Java
C Code:

char* my = new char(172);
char base64[78];
int x;
int keyLength;

        EVP_DecodeUpdate(&ctx, (unsigned char *)base64, &x, (unsigned char *)
my, 172);
        keyLength = x; //getting 48
        EVP_DecodeFinal(&ctx, (unsigned char *)&base64[x], &x);
        keyLength += x; //getting 12

Java Code used the Base64 code from i also tried the B64 class
- both the results are the same.

java com.Ostermiller.util.Base64 -vd