Re: How does Sun make money?

From: James Moughan (
Date: 04/26/04

Date: 26 Apr 2004 14:59:09 -0700 (PlasmaDragon) wrote in message news:<>...
> Sun seems to be a capitalist corporation (correct me if I'm wrong),
> and those rarely do anything that won't eventually lead to some more
> revenue/profits. So I am confused: the JavaVM is free; the Java SDK
> is free; Java IDEs like NetBeans are free. So how does Sun benefit
> from Java?

Among other things mentioned, can you think of a better form of
advertizing? Sun are quite happy to donate $50M computing facilities
to top universities, safe in the knowledge that all of the graduates
will be trained in Sun's (non-free) software when they start to work
their way into management. And Java is almost locking out the market
in Comp Sci 101 courses these days; it's probably a bargain.