Re: Java -Xmx Option

Lans Redmond wrote:
My client has a server which has 4gigs RAM and Im running my server using
the java -Xmx option.  When I set the Xmx to a number greater that 1236m on
a windows 2003 box I get an error from the jvm that its unable to allocape
heap size, if I do the same on a windows 2000 box I can only set Xmx to
1536m.  Is there a maxmimun memory setting for the JVW XMx option?  I not
how can I increase the memory to 2.5gig

Yes, there is a practical limit due to the combination of the Windows and JVM architectures. The limit can vary by machine (it involves the addressing of the DLLs installed on the machine).


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