Re: Java IDE for Beginners

JD wrote:

Lew wrote:
IchBin wrote:
JD wrote:
hi, i m new to java, i want to know if there is a good and free Java
IDE that i can use that'll help me, i dont care if its complicated , i
just want it to be good, i tried netbeans which comes bundled with java
sdk 6 from sun, the prob with it is that , if i use for-each loop, it
says to use option -source 1.5, i used it, didnt work, so either the
IDE is faulty, or somethin is wrong with my sys config.

Or you made a mistake, which is by far the most likely. I use Netbeans
and have not received such a message.

Why don't you post the construct that is failing? (Copy-and-paste it; do
not paraphrase.)

- Lew

public class VariableArgumentList {
for(int a,a<=10;a++);

/** Creates a new instance of VariableArgumentList */
public static void main(String[] args) {
printAll(2,"two",4,"Four",4.5,"Four Point Five");
printAll(25,"Anything Goes",4E4,false);
public static void printAll(Object ... args){ // Error Here
for(Object a:args){ // Error Here


here's the class. it wants to use -source 1.5 option, i gave it, but
still nothing, i already did a clean install of the setup bout 5 times
now, still it persists.

I'm a little rusty in Java, but the following should meet your purpose.

public class VariableArgumentList
// Creates a new instance of VariableArgumentList
private String[] arguments = { "2", "two", "4", "Four" }; // add more
args to print out if you want

public static void main( String[] args )
for ( i = 0; i < arguments.length(); i++ )
System.out.println( arguments[i] + "\n" );