Re: C++ vs Java "new" (no flame war please!)

mlw wrote:
Is there a way to create 10 to 100 million objects in Java with a reasonable
system configuration?
A question: this routine and the 10/100 million objects refer to a real-world case or are just speculation?
What exactly the application do, in the overall?

I think that many of the speed/size speculation around are just applied to micro-benchmarks, and that there is an absolute lack of real-world benchmarks (entire applications converted from one language to another).

Micro-benchmarks haven't any real scientific value. But they are still diffused because they're easy to develop.
It's very curious to me the fact that nobody would think about comparing two F1-cars just by benchmarking their tires (!?), but the same approach with programming languages implementations is commonly conceived as perfectly reasonable and accurate by the programming community.

Quake 2 has been written in C by a absolute-history programming master (John Carmack), in C and assembler.
Jake 2, the Java conversion, is 85% faster. This is impressive.

I stress that this is the only real-world benchmark which I've EVER seen, and I would be EXTREMELY interested in real-world benchmarks, but I still can't found any of them.

The entire story remembers me of an article written by Tom Miller: