Re: Declining Popularity of Java?

Andrew Thompson wrote:
Javinator wrote:
Has anyone else been sensing a widespread decline in the popularity of ..

.posting advocacy based matters to a tech. group? I sure have.
Please put it to c.l.j.advocacy, where I do not have to care.

That newsgroup is for advocating java. I'm not advocating java.
I'm advocating the notion of others engaging me in a discussion about
whether or not java is a still a viable language to focus on or if
recent trends are pushing it out the door.

Yet your first reply was to me, as opposed to the other responder who spoke entirely 'to your topic'.
'nuff said.

Seems to me you received a rational answer to why the OP was here and not in an advocacy group. Your second reply strikes me to be a bit out of porportion to the reasonable explanation offered to your first reply, which was clearly intended to be a slap in the face for raising the question here in the first place. I'm here as a student of the language, all aspects of the language, and I've gleaned a wealth of information from posters like you and others. However, I'm finding your contribution to this particular thread not quite on par with what I've come to expect from you.