Re: Declining Popularity of Java?

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Has anyone else been sensing a widespread decline in the popularity of

I don't know about changes, but when I look on job boards, I'm seeing more
ads for ".net" programmers than for Java.

One college that uses Java as its main language for coursework looks to
hire ".net" programmers.

I think a lot of that has to do with the declining relevance of Linux.
For maybe 12 or 13 years now I've been hearing about how Linux was
going to take over. It has always had it's small niche following but
never quite overtook Microsoft, and it seems to be on the retreat
these days.

Java's primary appeal was the cross platform thing. Who care's when
nobody is using any other platform?

I disagree. Linux has done very well in the server market. What do you think
is powering Google? Linux is a niche player in the desktop market.

In the early days, Java's primary appeal was its cross platform capability.
But starting in the late 90's/2000, its ability to do server work lead to
Java's growth. It still does guite well there IMO.

Windows is getting better, but if you have an application that needs to be up
24x7, you want a 'Nix server. Period. And Java will serve you well.

That's my off topic 2 cents.