Re: Why flet wins, was Re: scheme seems neater

From: Pascal Costanza (
Date: 04/08/04

Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2004 17:55:47 +0200

Dave Roberts wrote:

> My gut feeling is that you can probably avoid the pathelogical case in CL a
> bit more naturally than in Scheme, but that it really doesn't limit
> anything in practice.

That's indeed an important point. Guys, you should all realize that
these things are really only minor details compared to the overall
essential concepts in Lisp and Scheme, i.e. basically metacircularity
and the resulting freedom to mold the language to your concrete needs at
hand. Scheme and Common Lisp just follow different fundamental design
principles, and if you happen to prefer either the one or the other,
there's nothing wrong in sticking with just one of them. Personally, I
prefer Common Lisp, because I generally think that its designers have
made more "right" decisions than Scheme, but I don't have any problem
imagining to use Scheme in a world in which Common Lisp wouldn't exist.

None of the differences between Scheme and Common Lisp restrict you in
similar fundamental ways like those of most other languages.


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