Position of lists within lists

From: Padu (padu_at_merlotti.com)
Date: 06/17/04

Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 19:16:00 -0700

One more basic question.

If I have a given list (setq x '(a b c)) and I want to find the index of
element 'b in that list, I know that position works well
(position 'b x) => 1

now, imagine that my list is composed of tuples:
(setq x '((1 0) (1 1) (1 2) (2 0) (2 1) (2 2)))
and I want to find what is the position of element (1 2)
I would use pos again,
(position '(1 2) x) => NIL
but it returns nil... am I using the wrong function or there's simply no way
to do it using a single function (and therefore I'll have to create a small
function for that)?