Re: Bottom-Up Programming vs Application Frameworks.

From: Kenny Tilton (
Date: 10/02/04

Date: Sat, 02 Oct 2004 14:57:07 GMT

Daniel Barlow wrote:

> (Cameron Ross) writes:
>>Does anyone have opinions regarding how bottom-up programming relates
>>to the development of application frameworks? Specifically, I'm
>>looking for pros, cons, similarities, differences etc.
> Bottom up programming is typically practiced by people who don't fully
> understand the problem domain and are experimenting with the best
> approach.
> Framework creation...

Is that what the OP meant? His OP was a little too terse for me to make
out his meaning. He did say, in confirmation of "framework creation",
"the development of application frameworks". But...

"development" might not have been meant as "software development".
perhaps he meant "the advent of application frameworks". I quickly went
for "advent", because I just cannot imagine anyone arrogant enough to
develop an application framework asking for advice. I concluded the OP
was asking "does the existence of app frameworks obviate the need for
bottom-up development". A response to that possible question later.

The tie-breaker for me was the request for "similarities, differences".
That would not make sense unless two alternatives had been posited (b-up
and app-fw).

And the answer (to the possible question) is... the advent of app
frameworks just solves that one problem. It means that, when I sit down
to use GTk or CodeWarrior PowerPlant or (I guess) Swing, certain
problems have been solved for me.

The remaining problem is my unique application functionality. If I am
not sure how to do that... hello bottom-up programming.


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