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Pupeno wrote:

An example ? Dreamweaver comes with its own buggy implementation of ssh
(secure shell) used to upload web sites thru scp, which is by no way the
same used by puty, a ssh client. Resulting is duplication of software,
effort and the fact that although Puty works quite well, Dreamweaver's
implementation is buggy and it's not going to get fixed because Macromedia
people doesn't care (if you don't care, better than shipping a crapy
implementation is depending on an existing implementation done by someone

I wouldn't be shocked if a Windows-centric company did a half-assed job on Unix. Doesn't mean the same product has such problems on Windows.

Macromedia has not become windows-centric over the last several years?

I thought with all the terms you were using above, you were describing a Unix version of Macromedia. If not, my mistake.

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