Re: Lisp-aware editor for Windows?

Glen Able wrote:
> (I wonder what minimal subset of lisp features would still be
> better than C?)

Actually, it might be useful to make a language which was C, but with
Lispy syntax. You could then write a program in Common Lisp which
translates this to C code.

The advantages:

* You can include a macro facility, which should probably use CL. This
would bring full macro ability to C.
* Easier editing. Personally, I like the parentheses now that I've
discovered how to edit them properly.
* Easy use of C libraries. Just call them like regular functions.
* You can add higher-level stuff on top. Want built-in list support? Go
ahead, add it. Want garbage collection? Link in the Boehm GC by

The disadvantages:

* It won't be as good as CL. In order to make something as good as CL,
you need a runtime that supports a REPL and plenty of introspection
* It requires knowing two different languages at once. Your head might
explode from the pressure!
* In order to edit it properly, you'd need to make a special editing
mode. I'd try to modify emacs' lisp-mode.

I'd like to see how that would turn out. I might try it myself
sometime, but right now I've got other projects to worry about.