Re: ILC2005: McCarthy denounces Common Lisp, "Lisp", XML, and Rahul

Ray Dillinger wrote:
Christopher C. Stacy wrote:

Ray Dillinger <bear@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

C is rare among programming languages in that it takes downward
extensibility as a serious goal and does it well, and C and its
descendants practically rule the earth these days. I think this is not a coincidence.

Contrary to popular belief, the C language does not provide a
way to access low-levels (such as memory locations or registers) of the machine that executes the program. The ISO standard is
quite clear on the fact that C program semantics are defined
in terms of abstract execution environment (eg. "in which issues
of optimization are irrelevant",

sigh. I'm not talking about the C spec, I'm talking about C.

So you're effectively comparing C / some implementation against ANSI Common Lisp / a spec. You should compare specs against specs and implementations against implementations...


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