Corman Lisp: problem with inferior-lisp mode

I'm running Corman Lisp 2.51 as an inferior Lisp process in EMacs, on
Windows XP.

The problem is that when I try to run my OpenGL program as a thread in
the Corman Lisp Console process, it doesn't work. It comes back from
CREATE-THREAD, as if it created the thread and everything is fine and
dandy, but my OpenGL window doesn't come up.

However, if I am just running the CLConsole.exe program by itself, and
I load my program into it and create its thread, it works fine.

So the question is, what's different when it is running as a process in
EMacs? I mean, you do see "CLConsole.exe" in the Task List when it is
running under EMacs, so you'd think it was an independent program
capable of creating its own windows and doing whatever it wants. But
something seems to be different, and I don't know what.


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