Re: Interview with Samantha Kleinberg on CL-GODB, Common Lisp & Bioinformatics

Pascal Bourguignon wrote:
"justinhj" <justinhj@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
I'm surprised such a gender bias is so pronounced still. There are
less women attracted to programming careers, but when they do come they
are no less able or productive.

It's not surprizing if you know some basic biological and neurological facts.

For example, the width of the QI bell curve of females is narrower
than for males (they're both centered at 100, don't worry). That's
why you've got more dumb males (who end in jails for example), but
also more genius males (who end in cubicles all the same).
Meanwhile the women get all the good "quality" time with the children.

__Pascal Bourguignon__

The world will now reboot. don't bother saving your artefacts.

Whilst there is evidence that there is greater difference in mens IQ
than womens I find this highly dubious data to use to explain why there
are less female programmers.

You presume that being a good programmer is directly linked to IQ
scores, which is highly questionable. It's likely to be vaguely linked,
but certainly not to the extent that a few points difference on average
would make the programming world male only as it almost is in some

I am surpised at the attitudes here I thought the world has moved on,
and I'm glad to say it has in the places I have worked and studied.