Re: How knowing Lisp destroyed my programming career

Ron Garret <rNOSPAMon@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

But then a very strange thing happened: I noticed that all around me
people were writing code using C++ and Java and Python and even (gasp!)
Perl, and they were actually getting it to work without tearing their
hair out. In fact, in a number of cases I saw people whip things up in
Perl in a couple of hours that would have taken me days or weeks to do
in Lisp.

I can imagine that at a place like Google, you'll get to work with
some really fantastic hackers that can do magic with about any
tool. And "whipping things up in Perl in a couple of hours" can be
both cool and useful, but afaik it's still not good for real systems
and applications building. Perl is still a WORN language! For me,
"coming home" to lisp from Perl some years ago was a real relief: I
needed a little more time to work out a few of the details, but my
code got an order of magnitude more maintainable, so as soon as I
started to modify, reuse and grow my code, I saved a lot of time and