Re: the free software paradigm [was Re: Amazon used lisp & C exclusively?

On 2006-07-26 01:36:17 -0400, Rajappa Iyer <rsi@xxxxxxxxx> said:

The important fact that is being ignored is that well over 90% of the
software industry consists of turnkey and custom software solutions,
an area where free software can never make inroads.

But it most certainly can and does when free software forms an important part of these custom solutions because that means these custom solutions will require fewer paid programming hours. Notice I said *paid* programming hours - the total number of hours will be the same, its just that no programmers will be getting paid for the work they did to produce the free software components of the custom solution.

Again, as long as the only free components are infrastructure software the arguemnt can be made that this is a wash for programmers. But if the custom solution contains free components that are not infrastructure software then this will be a net loss for programmers.