Re: New to Lisp and Web Programming

"Sean SCC" <sean.mymail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Thanks Pascal,

I have looked at your web site some time ago - will go look again.

I have purchased the books:
Practical Common Lisp
Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Exercise book to SICP

Even though these are generally avaliable online I like to support
Authors that share their work online and I just find it easier in many
cases to have the actual book. On Lisp by PG will likely be my next

Unfortunately none of these books as far as I know mention much about
web programming in CL and I am mostly stuck at this point - I can learn
CL but not sure how to use CL for web access/development.

The same way as you would do it in any language. Either find or
create a library of routines to access the web, and then build your
application on top of it. The cool thing about Lisp is that you can
do it all incrementally. Create a function that grabs a document by
its URL and then test it at the REPL. Create another function (or do
this one first) that parses the document for the information you want,
and test it with sample data before tying it to the downloader
function. Etc.

You may want to look at for existing code to
help you get started.