Re: simple wxcl example?

Bill Atkins wrote:
Ken Tilton <kentilton@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

But why are you confused? Have you tried Cells in anger? If so, why
does my current opinion matter? If not, ten years of my prior opinion
clearly does not matter.

I've played around with it a little, and thought it was pretty neat.
But I'd say it does matter if Cell's author and biggest advocate
starts to suggest that it's not so good anymore.

They did not invent them, but Gabriel has denounced OOP and Graham has denounced CL -- come to think of it, Norvig dumped CL for Python. Heck, speaking of inventors, I think McCarthy does not like CL per se. He and another Lisp Legend closed ILC '2005 by slamming CL mercilessly.

Why are we all still happily using CL and CLOS? We think they were wrong based on the merits of the technology in question. (Hint.)

If you want moral support for your interest in Cells (thx, btw), go look at how Adobe is betting the ranch on Adam, which is an absolute joke compared to Garnet/KR, COSI, and Cells. Yet they still love it.

hth, ken


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