Re: Compiling Lisp

Markus Grueneis <markus.grueneis@xxxxxx> wrote:
Juho Snellman schrieb:
Javier <javuchi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If you distribute your application for Linux, it is better to
include a fasl file with a little script starting SBCL, inside a RPM or
DEB package, and a dependency to the SBCL package itself.

That doesn't sound like a very good idea.

SBCL fasls are version-specific, so the user would need to get an RPM
for exactly the right version of SBCL. A careless "yum update", and,

Well, what is a package system worth if it cannot handle versioned

No amount of version support in the package system is going to help,
if you don't have the right versions of the packages available. How
many versions of SBCL does your distribution have? Is any of those
versions (or more likely, that single version) still going to be
available six months from now?

BTW, the user should just do 'apt-get blub', and blub has
the correct version depency...

The only way where distributing applications like that would be even
remotely plausible, is if you happen to be in the position of getting
it into the same repository that the lisp implementation is in, so
that you can control that the SBCL package is not replaced with a
newer version. And conversely so that every time you release a new
version, you can also upgrade all of the packages that depend on it,
in lockstep.

Most people aren't in that position. So nobody will use their
software, because getting the right version would be such a pain.

oops, the application no longer works. Or if somebody needs to install
two applications distributed as fasl files, which were built using
different SBCL versions, he'd also have to install those two SBCL
versions installed on the same machine.

And what? One SBCL takes 25 MB + fasls. My GCC installation comes to..
pff, don't know, but 125? or so MB. Don't think this is problematic.
And you can always say /usr/...../sbcl/0.9.3/bin in the script.

Are you aware of anyone actually distributing rpms or debs of SBCL,
which allow you to install multiple versions of it on the same

Juho Snellman