Re: Future of LISP. Alternative to XML. Web 3.0?

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I am not saying that LISP was not used online today. I am claiming for
an alternative to the XML web becoming from LISP.

Why would you want to rebuild the web protocols in Lisp?
That would be a huge waste of time with little

In my sleepless nights I have this dream of a wide-area network
of scalable Lisp Machines, running presentation based
UIs with a distributed object-oriented CLOS database
at the core. I know that I'm not the only one
who had this dream. Ah, and no undetected buffer overflows.

That is, i am not claiming that LISP server can be used for generation
on fly of HTML. But that LISP would be at the server (instead XSLT), at
the browser (instead Javascript, instead DOM), at the home (.lsp .lisp
files instead .xml .html), etc.

Would not be fascinating if the evolution of CL was towards a new
standard, clean and specially oriented to web?

What future do you want for the web?

1) W3C XML. With all known fiascos [3]: FO, XSLT 2, MathML, XHTML 2,
SVG 1.2...

2) Microsoft Avalon/XAML. Ampliation of XML. Does not use W3C
technology but propietary markup, i.e. not CSS, not XHTML, not XSLT,
not SVG...

3) WhatWG. A new very critized HTML version usually known as HTML5.
Include a XHTML version compiting (incompatible) with W3C XHTML 2.

4) A new LISP 'dialect' for the web instead Arc, a kind of ISO
standarization of S(cheme)XML with modifications.

Would a ISO standard for an alternative to XML save all of us?

Would a ISO standard [4] kill social perception of LISP?


[2] I agree that CL can be cleaned and actualized.

[3] No browser implements FO or c-MathML. Adobe has abandoned SVG, next
ECMA Office XML standard does not use SVG. Microsoft support XSLT but
does not embrace XSLT 2. WhatWG promotes Canvas alternative to SVG. No
browser vendor is interested in XHTML 2 and none supports it. Etcetera.

[4] I know DSSSL 'fiasco'. XSLT is much based in DSSSL.

Well, it is 'demo or die'. Running code is the only valid proof
of ideas.