help persuading/reassuring a client that I should use Lisp


I wonder if anyone could give me some advice. There's a job I've just
taken on (a database driven web based virtual insurance policy thing)
which someone else had started previously in Java, but not got very far
at all and then walked away from. The previous programmer seemed to
generate an awful lot of code (using standard Java frameworks) which
achieved very little. Probably nothing in fact :)

Anyway, I'd really like to do it lisp, because I'm sure it would be
much quicker (basically I don't think I'd have time to do it in Java,
and I definitely wouldn't want to do it in PHP or Perl or anything).
The system will be in use for some time, and it's moderately complex.

The client has asked me for reassurance that CL is a good language to
use and that it could be picked up by another developer in the future
for maintenance/enhancement. Does anyone have any ideas of what I could
say to them?


-- David