Re: lost adding float

On Dec 7, 10:33 am, "John Thingstad" <john.things...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Seems reasonable to me. That is scientific notation.
6.846504e+7 means 6.846504 * 10^7= 6.846504 * 10000000 = 68456040

coming from vb where all things are wraped up. it would certainly take
sometime to get the lisp way - thanks.

What did you use to print the value:

store to a variabe call total and evaluated at repl - no wonder

CL-USER 7 > (format t "~&~7F~%" (with-input-from-string (is "6.846504e+7")
thanks i'll see if i can work on a function that will convert any
scientific notation to decimal numbers using format.

Many thanks



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