Re: help persuading/reassuring a client that I should use Lisp

George Neuner wrote:
On 6 Dec 2006 02:35:58 -0800, "David" <hhdave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I think the bus thing _is_ what's on the clients mind. I'm starting to
get worried about buses to be honest - they do seem to be the leading
cause of hypothetical programmer death these days, as they've been
mentioned several times by people at the company I work for !!

In the US it is possible for a company to buy insurance against the
loss of a critical employee (such as a sole Lisp programmer). The
insurance provides funds for finding/training another person to fill
the job.

Yep. I had a $1m policy on my head at CliniSys. Glad I had forgotten that by the time the wheels started to come off, might not have slept so well.


btw, Ron, that was 80kLOC of Lisp, all designed and mostly written by yours truly in two+ years, and had to be meta-designed to handle arbitrarly clinical trials varying widely in shape and size. Demos ran flawlessly despite extensive changes completed at 2am that morning. I think that stands up against two hundred people, ten years, and 500kloc of PL/I.

And you /had/ heard about it. :)



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