Re: help persuading/reassuring a client that I should use Lisp

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Ken Tilton <kentilton@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

btw, Ron, that was 80kLOC of Lisp, all designed and mostly written by
yours truly in two+ years, and had to be meta-designed to handle
arbitrarly clinical trials varying widely in shape and size. Demos ran
flawlessly despite extensive changes completed at 2am that morning. I
think that stands up against two hundred people, ten years, and 500kloc
of PL/I.

No, it doesn't. It is not even remotely comparable. It was not an
embedded system. It had no hard-real-time requirements. It's nice that
it ran flawlessly (though we have only your word for that) but if there
had been a problem people would not have died, at least not immediately.

BTW, you proudly tout the fact that you did this all on your own and you
were still making changes at 2 AM. To me that just shows that you don't
know how to manage a project, even one where the only person you had to
manage was yourself.

You may be a studly hacker, Kenny, but when it comes to space software
(or project management) you are utterly clueless. And your continued
condescension towards people who have spent years of their lives in the
aerospace trenches is extremely annoying.