Re: lambda-returning defmacro, capture

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JS> No, it is undefined behaviour. The standard specifies (in
JS> three kinds of variables, none of which VARR fits. The standard also
JS> doesn't specify what should be done for non-variables that are used
JS> syntactically like variables.

no, it IS a variable.

the standard defines what unbound variable is, but is it dynamic, lexical or
constant variable unbound? :)

looks like (setf (symbol-value 'varr) 1) creates a global binding, so it's
not a unbound variable.

i think you can assume that it's a dynamic variable when referenced in
top-level, since description of what dynamic varibles is is very vague :)

JS> It happens that all implementations I know of have chosen the same
JS> behaviour for this, and interpret VARR as referring to the value slot
JS> of the symbol (though sometimes with warnings of an undefined variable
JS> being used).

which ones produce warning? i've checked acl, lispworks, clisp and sbcl --
no one produces warnings.

i'm not sure, but i think unless we assume that this interpretation of
standard is correct, we can find a contradiction in standard -- that is much
worse than simply 'undefined behaviour'.

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