Re: Chinese Characters

"sailormoontw@xxxxxxxxx" <sailormoontw@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

(write-line "成功") failed in both SBCL and Corman Lisp,

I tried via Emacs/Slime with this configuration (I used the first one
for sbcl):

(setq slime-lisp-implementations ; choose alternative with M-- M-x slime
'((sbcl ("/usr/bin/sbcl" "--noinform") :coding-system utf-8-unix)
(sbcl-l1 ("/usr/bin/sbcl" "--noinform"))
(clisp ("/usr/bin/clisp" "-K full"))
(cmucl ("/usr/bin/cmucl" "-quiet"))))

CL-USER> (write-line "成功")

Just works. :)

If I use sbcl-l1 I get a warning from slime about coding system mismatch.