Re: Compile to binary using gcl?

SBCL is written mostly in lisp with some C support bits to get it started,
so to compile it from source you need to have a cl compiler already, as
well as the usual C compiler. Install a cl compiler binary (the SBCL
binary or similar) in a temporary location, use it to compile the source,
then delete the temporary version. See
for details.

Actually I just got the 1.0 version of SBCL and it does compile while
the older ones don't (on Gentoo). I'm supposing that the Gentoo people
are including a binary sbcl in their tarball to make the initial
compile happen. Still no luck compiling cmucl (I have AMD64 machines
and there's some kind of assembler error during the compile) though the
binary distro works fine. I'm now using it with Slime in fact, which
is totally wonderful by the way. Love the command completion