Re: Common Lisp from a Unix perspective - barriers to using CL

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Greg Menke <gregm-xyzpdq3@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

A little hyperbole on my part, sorry. The point I was trying to make
was that when you're serious about doing something then its time to tool
up and get on with it- when open source tools work, thats fine- if
commerical, then buy them. Handwringing about the constraints of trial
versions of software just wastes time.

Well, I think we mostly agree here. However, same of the history of
this thread was focused on pushing trial versions of software onto
people starting off in lisp regardless of those constraints.

Personally, I take licensing issues seriously in picking tools. What
you pay for with Allegro and LispWorks is not just additional
features, but a license to create and redistribute derivative
software tools. For me, that privilege is currently prohibitively
expensive compared to FOSS lisps. If my needs and abilities change,
then I can rethink that equation.