Re: Common Lisp from a Unix perspective - barriers to using CL

Robert Uhl <eadmund42@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Bill Atkins <SPAM-IS-batkins57-FOR-LOSERS@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

What is it then? RMS's utopian vision for the future, where the job
of programmer is reduced to providing support and everyone cheerfully
uses crappy software because of the warm fuzzy feeling they get inside
and the bright green glow of righteousness emitted by their monitors?

Perhaps you prefer his dystopian vision of the future, as set forth in
'The Right to Read'[0]? A few years ago folks were laughing at it--and
now it's coming to pass.

This is not a software issue, but rather a legal and political issue.
I hope you don't think the only way to prevent this is to rewrite the
entire software universe from scratch and open-source it.

RMS's vision is not one of crappy software, but one of freedom. It
means that users would have the freedom to improve their software to
meet their needs--which would rather work against poor quality. If
anything, I think it'd be pretty cool to get rid of this developer/user
divide. All developers are users; all users should be developers.

Excepting software written for programmers, do you think most users
are able to or want to be developers?