Re: reader safe

(message (Hello 'Pascal)
(you :wrote :on '(Sun, 24 Dec 2006 18:09:01 +0100))

??>> suppose that all IO is already handled, and i have a string of
??>> reasonable size. is it possible to read it with #'read?

PC> No, but you can use read-from-string.

i can use with-input-from-string..

??>> the only pitfal i see is #., but i think it can be disabled.

PC> Yes, it can be disabled by setting *read-eval* to nil.

PC> But not, this is not your only pitfall. In your OP you stated that you
PC> want to evaluate the code sent by other users.

at least i'd like to read it -- i don't want to write my own reader.
then i can filter out symbols that are not supposed to be available, and
only then evaluate.

if this evaluateable subset will be turing-complete, user would be able to
consume infinite memory/time, but that's another question..

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