Re: More questions about exported symbols and general style.

"Pillsy" <pillsbury@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

I have considered this argument. I almost never use AIF, ACOND and the
like, but I do have various function-creating macros inspired by /On
Lisp/, like

(fn (+ $1 $2)) => (lambda ($1 $2) (+ $1 $2))


Upside: yes. Downside: they *have* to do that choosing, and since most
of my reliance on anaphora and such is in macros that make anonymous
functions, having visually weird magical bindings makes it easy to see
at a glance which variables are being closed over.

Personally, I prefer macros that bind to explicit variables:

(when-let (message (read-next-message *the-connection*))
(format t "~&Got message: ~S" message))

You can define a whole suite of these: IF-LET, COND-LET, etc. (or
BWHEN, BLET, BCOND). They aren't much longer than their A*
equivalents and you get to avoid all the sticky side effects of using
anaphoric macros.