Re: Editors with some support for Lisp?

On Mon, 01 Jan 2007 23:42:54 -0500, Richard M Kreuter wrote:


What editors do folks know have support for Common Lisp syntax?

Not much comes up in a google for editors other than Emacs that
advertise having some support for Lisp (paren balancing, indentation).
I know that some vi implementations do, as would the editors in the
proprietary CLs. Any others?

Jed operating in Emacs mode has highlighting, auto-indent, and paren
bouncing. I'm sure I could add such features to Nedit, say, or just about
any other programmable editor if I had any reason, making it somewhat
vacuous to claim that Jed really 'supports' Lisp. (Especially compared to
Emacs+Slime, which shows you the form's argument signature in the modeline.)

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