Re: Is CMUCL insane? P.S. Me vs. CLM (Common Lisp Music)

landspeedrecord wrote:
Hi again. My real goal is to get CLM/CM working on windows XP. If any
one has gotten it to work I would love to know how and then the rest of
this post is irrelevant.

Pardon a meta-question, but if that is your goal, shouldn't you be asking here? Very active, including Rick Taube himself:

(b) They are used to Noobs, it is a package meant for easy install in that they try to make it Just Work automatically everywhere.

P.S. I don't want to start a flame war here and I don't want to
discourage people from answering my question but are Linux/Unix people
sadistic or lazy?

Your check is in the mail. (In joke.)


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