Re: Is there any eq t test in Common Lisp?

"John Thingstad" <john.thingstad@xxxxxxxxx> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:op.tms6tnlzpqzri1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
CL-USER 3 > (eq t t)

CL-USER 4 > (eq t :read-only)
Indeed (typep :name T) -> T
That is generalized boolean.
I take it you want binary boolean?

häääh ?!? NO - just needed the above behaviour (eq t variable) ...

... I just had library function returning either t,
:read-only or nil. I was only interested in the t case.

.... and wasn't sure if I missed something like null, not, zerop, plusp et. al..

Nothing more!


P.S. (not (null x)) is *not* equivalent to (eq t x)!