Re: Replacing Xaml with Lisp on Windows Vista

On Jan 31, 6:58 am, "jvdvyah" <benkooij...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
A custom implementation developed for the Vista/IE7/WPF/e environment.

Would this custom implementation of Lisp on Vista/IE7/WPF be available
to the general public anywhere? I've been looking for a good Lisp
implementation for Vista...

My implementation is designed to implement a Smalltalk messaging
paradigm - like the one that was proposed in Xlisp. It is a very small
subset of Common Lisp, but it does support things like macro
expansion, multi-value returns, etc. It has gone through multiple
revisions since I started working on it at the end of 2000.

The runtime is free for both Vista and IE7.