Re: Lambda-calculus and lisp

Espen Vestre wrote:
Raffael Mancini <ramanci@xxxxxxxx> writes:

Well not every relation is a function, as relations can have more than
one results which is not allowed for functions. So functions are a
subset of relations.

You're both missing the point... Heck, I thought this was completely
obvious to any lisper (but I have to admit that I've probably got a
minor brain damage due to some exposure to axiomatic set theory and
lambda calculus)! What do you guys do when you encounter a relation
and need to implement a check for it? Run for help from the prolog
guys? I think not! You probably implement a in-my-relation-p
function. And there's my point: Any relation is also a function, but
of course a function with a different /range/, namely the set of truth
values {0, 1} (or {T,F}, (t nil) or whatever notation you like :)).
What I was talking about are strictly mathematical function, but I
think I got your point.