Today's Sermon... [was Re: clisp, clsql and foreign functions: problems in windows executables]

Edgar Gonçalves wrote:
I'll post some results, and maybe a howto, after I try a celtk

Well not a full howto, but I've jotted up some notes on all problems I
had in the windows binary + MSaccess access + celtk + cffi, and posted
them here:

Hope some more newbies like me won't get stuck where I did :)

I have been saying for a while that what Lisp needs is more newbies like you who (a) care enough to fight the good fight and (b) then document their work.

Too many people using free software view it as a one-way street. The reality is that sharing code takes a surprising amout of effort. If nothing comes back from that effort, the effort is a bad investment.

Peter Denno over on Cells-Gtk added value by documenting things as he learned them, and he is just one of several people who have made it worthwhile for me to share my code, Frank Goenninger being a stand-out.

The good news about Celtk/Cello is that they are being used heads down to develop a serious and highly interactive application, so they are getting a lot of attention. The bad news is that folks can forget about getting any doc from me, that's my head that is down and anyway the open source fairy has left the building.

let us pray.


ps. No screenshots?

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