Re: Switch from SBCL to Erlang backend due to scalability issues(GC).

Richard M Kreuter wrote:
Ken Tilton <kentilton@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Wade Humeniuk wrote:

Matthew Swank wrote:

Clearly something changed with the garbage collector in more recent
versions of SBCL -- now SBCL uses 100% CPU all the time in
production and lasts much longer before finally bombing due to
exhaustion of its pre-committed space.

The question is... what are the SBCL group going to do about it?

The SBCL users should just be grateful they are not locked into an
implementation with unresponsive developers like they would be with
a commercial... hang on...

FWIW, I've never found the SBCL developers to be either unresponsive
or unhelpful.

Oh, I am sure, I just thought it would be fun to turn around on the FSF crowd the "trapped with evil commercial vendor" argument. Note that this point need not be grounded in reason for me to make it.


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