Re: Porting to another Operating System

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n> to be available on this OS. I would do it myself if I could. Is there
n> any other options in getting a CL implementation ported to AROS?
n> Do you guys have any other suggestions?

if you want full Common Lisp, i think you can try porting ECL.
it's written in C, is relatively clean and straightforward.

does AROS have GNU utilities like make and sh?
without them you'll need to script build process yourself, so if they are
not available, consider porting them first.

so, you should configure it to minimal and try to start building process --
either with make/sh, or with your own scripts, or just launch C compiler
yourself :).

in this process, most likely you'll find some problems -- some headers or
functions are missing. you can either emulate it with available functions,
or omit.

after you resolve all problems, you'll have working Common Lisp
implemenation :).

also you can check CLISP -- it's also written in C. while i find it somewhat
more complicated, i've seen in it's docs that it is (or was) working under
Amiga, so maybe it's already ported (at least partly) for you, and you can
easily make it working?

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Yes, AROS does have utilities like make and sh.
ECL looks like a good one to try.

Unfortunately the Amiga port of CLISP will not help me. Because AROS
is designed for x86 architecture and not completely compatible with
classic AmigaOS.

I appreciate the tips. I knew of several CL implementations, but was
not aware of ECL. At this point it sounds like my best option.