Re: Porting Ruby snippet to Lisp

Brian Adkins <lojicdotcomNOSPAM@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Zach Beane wrote:
There is no self/this.

Sure there is, it just doesn't have to be named self or this. Consider
the following contrived example:


I wasn't commenting on the pros/cons of either approach just trying to
determine if I misunderstood something.

You did. the bit you misunderstood is
"There is no self/this."

Now you have had two experienced lispers say this, so instead
of retorting once more with an example that shows we're wrong,
try to kick you thinking into a different plane, to see if you
can understand what it is we're saying, and why we're saying it.

You might discover something useful.

I don't mean to be snipy or obnoxious here --- this is a common
"failure to learn" symptom. I'm honestly encouraging you to
look at this again from a fresh perspective.