Re: Can you learn computer science from a school?

On Tue, 15 May 2007 02:20:00 +0200, Joe Marshall <eval.apply@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

This is clearly flamebait, so kill this thread if you aren't
interested. I'm interested in what the consensus is.

Some of the people in this group have, or are pursuing, advanced
degrees in computer science. Some have bachelor's degrees. Some have
degrees in related fields. Some have degrees in completely unrelated
fields. Some have dropped out before getting a degree. Some are

Is there a correlation between studying computer science and knowing
about computers? Do people gain anything by pursuing an advanced
degree in computer science, or would they be as well served by saving
the money, buying a PC, and teaching themselves? There is a romantic
ideal of the untutored hacker that program circles around MIT grad
students. Is that absurd or commonplace?

Well most people who study computer science are interested in computers.
That being said the skill level varies greatly.
I think most people here have learned more from their own self study than they ever
learned in school.

School can provide you with a road map and a more rounded knowledge of
programming. Self made hackers often tend to know only a language or two well.

I have worked with both. And yes some self made hackers can run rings around
educated hackers. The student who is in it for the money does what is told
and nothing more is no match for a dedicated hacker who spends 14 hours a
day developing real systems. Then again many students do way more than
is in the curriculum.

So I see no definite yes/no answer here.

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