Re: The Lisp experience - 19-year old college student asks for help in #lisp, has to wait half an hour for a response; asks in #python, gets the answer in 6 minutes. Gives up on Lisp... "I'll wait for Arc, thanks."

On Jun 21, 6:18 am, Larry Clapp <l...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 2007-06-21, Khookie <chris.k...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Jun 21, 6:22 am, Jon Harrop <j...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


So what did it actually say? The link was down.

Basically a Lisp-curious kid (19-year-old) has a bad experience on
#lisp (the IRC channel), says no wonder our community is so small, and
abandons Lisp (the language).

[ Disclaimer: I didn't read his #lisp logs. ]

#lisp, it seems to me, is *user*-friendly, but not especially

I suppose we shouldn't point him to Erik.

-- L

I like his past posts.

Slobodan Blazeski

My apologies to those who like Java, C#, PHP, Delphi, Visual Basic,
Perl, Python, Ruby, COBOL,F#,Ocaml or any other language. I know you
think you
know a better language than lisp. All I can say is I do, too!


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