A small yoke


I beg you excuses for my poor English.

I just read the future of Lisp and this is a small yoke I found in
reddit about http://norvig.com/experiment-design.html

Hello doctor Norvig, i have a strange decease:

My face is now yellow, my body is blue, my feet are black.

Oh well, i have wonderful statistics for you. There is only a case
like yours in the world, we have spent 20 million dollars to detect
your illness, but know we now that our 99.99 % exact test only give
you an small chance to have this illness, thats all.

Well doctor, thanks for that good information.

No so much, this costs 2000 dollars, there is a lot of investigation
costs to achieve this conclusion and cure.

By, i fax you a check.

Later i found an old doctor called ya-hoo.

Hello Helen, why are you in this colour?

I don't know, but i remember my grandmother has the same illness and
it disappeared when she took some fresh vegetables.

That's wonderful, i think that the solution for your problem. Good-by

Question: (too lazy to ask one)

Answer: No one would make a test without prior knowledge, so Helen
probability of having the illness is not one in 5000 millions, but
perhaps one in ten or so:

Is this an small error?

I hope Lisp have a better future.