Re: newbie: Emacs require cl - other Lisps

Didier Verna wrote:
Tamas Papp <tkpapp@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You are getting it wrong. Emacs Lisp is not the "standard" from which
other Lisps deviate, it is a special purpose Lisp for the Emacs
editor. For general programming, people use either Common Lisp or

As a matter of fact, Emacs Lisp is probably the worst Lisp
dialect ever :-) I, for one, would like to replace XEmacs's lisp engine
by a true Common Lisp one. But I know at least one other XEmacs
maintainer who would strongly disagree... his name is Mike Sperber.

See the problem ? :-)

You could try to agree on ISLISP, which should be easier to access from both Common Lisp and Scheme.


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