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Lisp has very different syntax, and it
takes a lot of experience in Lisp before you see that the syntax is an
advantage and not just a matter of preference.
Thats true, they teaching us Lisp on our university (thats how I've come
to this great language) and approximately 95%
of the students learn Lisp for the exams and afterwards forget about it
as soon as possible. You have to get over the hill of parenthesis to see
the full beauty of Lisp :)

Great, in our university they *lean* lisp with pen and paper togather
with prolog and clips, starting with AI from day one. No wonder
everybody love to be relieved of the stupid lisp when they see the
brand new Visual Studio powered by C# or Eclipse java combination.

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I doubt, everybody I have a chance to talk with is so duscusted from
seeing parens that trying to explain the benefits of lisp is just
futile. And yes I tried rewriting their Java assignements in 5 line
lisp under 3 minutes , but that didn't help so I just stopped trying .
If they like java/c#/php they could have it.